How not to write

Here is an interesting post by Nick Wastnage (click) on how he writes, what he does and doesn’t do when writing. Sound very disciplined. I Wish I could be more like that. Instead I do what I think most writers do: dither, procrastinate, dillydally…

This involves making numerous cups of tea, checking Twitter, NovelRank, Amazon KDP, KU Forum UK, Kindleboards, the weather, local news (in case of interesting crime stories), various police force home pages (ditto) and so it goes on.

Eventually a little voice in my ear says ‘What the **** do you think you are doing?’ So I struggle into writer mode (after making another cup of tea, of course) and then sit and look at a blank screen for an hour or so. The little voice returns and says ‘Well?’ Well what? What am I supposed to do? The voice shouts into my ear ‘You are a bloody writer so start bloody writing!’ I start typing a scene and miraculously words appear on the screen and they aren’t half bad. I wonder why one earth I couldn’t have done this three hours ago…

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